Post Sugar Crisp Railroad Emblems

During the 1950's Post Cereal Company gave away free emblems representing the  railroads which sewed together the fabric of our Great Country. The "free" emblems were included in Specially Marked packages of Post Sugar Crisp. The emblems were approximately 4" across and were made of metal. The railroad logo as well as a border were raised creating a 3d effect. The logos were painted in representative railroad colors.

The images above are of the front and rear covers of a 36 page "comic book" type companion booklet for the emblems.

The companion "Railroad Fun Book" as well as complete sets of emblems was available for purchase by mail order.

The Stationmaster here at The Coalingstation has been hoarding there emblems since the 1950's. It's now time to part with them. The emblems are available as complete sets or individually. Most are in Good or better condition. There are some which have not had a good life and they are available at reduced prices. If interested ask about the rejects.

Complete sets of all 28 emblems are available for $165 USPS Priority shipping included.

Individual emblems are $8.50 ppd.

Railroad Fun Book is $30 ppd.

Prices are for US sales. Emblems are individually wrapped in plastic to preclude damage. These emblems are 50 years old and I consider them to be in GOOD or better shape considering their age. Some have a minor scratch here or there. Please remember they are not new.

Please write concerning availability.

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