Jewelry & Pins

This page contains items such as conductors' buttons service pins and jewelry items which were distributed by the P&LE.

Conductors' Buttons

These buttons came in various sizes and shapes. All have an eyelet on the back for attaching to uniform.
ITEM Description Available Price
  flat face,7/8" diameter, appears to be tarnished brass,   1 marked "superior quality", 1 marked "Scovill Mfg Co". 2 $3.50
  flat face, 1/2" diameter, appears to be tarnished brass. Some marked "Superior Quality", some marked "Scovill Mfg Co." 10 $2.50
rounded face, appears to be plated, sewing eyelet on back. marked McLilley & Co 2 $2.50

Tie Bars

These tie bars were produced as an advertising promotion by the P&LE. The image is an A-2A Berkshire locomotive with "P&LE" engraved or embossed on the tender. They vary in length and color. All have an "alligator" clip on the back.
  Gold tone. (possibly plated) 1-3/4" image length, 2-1/4" overall length. This item was made in two pieces with the locomotive soldered to the tie bar. Very Good condition. 1 $34.99
  Gold tone, 1 piece construction, 1-3/4" overall length. Good condition. 1 $18.99
  Silver color. 1 piece construction. 1-3/4" overall length. Good condition. 3 $13.99


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