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In 1956 P&LE president John Barriger III  commissioned his friend, renown railroad artist, Howard Fogg,  to create a series of watercolor paintings of scenes and customer plants along the P&LE or its subsidiary railroads.

These paintings were reproduced as postcards, calendars, appointment books and prints of various sizes. Most of Mr. Fogg's paintings were compiled into a High quality book which was appropriately titled " Along the Right of Way". These items were a resounding success as an advertising promotion. They were very attractive and proudly displayed by the P&LE's customers. What better way to give the P&LE daily visibility to potential customers?

The Coalingstation has an extensive inventory of Fogg-Art items. The thumbnail pictures below are links to larger images of illustrations by Howard Fogg. All of the images below are contained in "Road to The Future" and "Along the Right of Way". The numbers above the titles serve as a key for the individual prints. After reviewing a larger version of an illustration please hit your browsers' "back" button to return to this page.

  Items for sale: BOOKS PRINTS CALENDARS, etc
1. Pittsburgh Works, Jones &
    Laughlin Steel Corporation.
2. Beaver Station and Ohio
    River Bridge.  1949
3. Gateway Yard,
    Youngstown, Ohio.
4. Homestead Works,
    United States Steel Corporation.
5. Locomotive Shop
    McKees Rocks, Pa.
6. Aliquippa Works, Jones &
    Laughlin Steel Corporation.
7. Kobuta Works,
    Koppers Company.
8. Campbell Works, Youngstown
    Sheet & Tube Company.
9. An 80 MPH Drink, N.Y.C.'s
    20th Century Limited, ( near
    New Hamburg, NY. - 1948
10. Pittsburgh Forgings Company,
      Coraopolis, PA.
11. Loveridge Mine, Consolidation
      Coal Company, Fairview, WV.
12. Banning #2 Mine, Republic
      Steel Corporation, Jacobs
      Creek, PA.
13. Pittsburgh Steel Company
      Monessen, PA.
14. Duquesne Works, United
      States Steel Corporation.
15. In the Highlands of the Hudson,
      above Peekskill, NY., New
      York Central Railroad.
16. Mesta Machine Company,
      Homestead, PA.
17. Night Scene at the Hump,
      Gateway Yard.
18. Federal #1 Mine, Eastern
      Associated Coal Company,
      Grant Town, WV.
19. Carrie Furnaces, United
       States Steel Corporation.
20. Christmas Mail, 1907,
      Stoops Ferry, PA.
21. Buffalo - Pittsburgh Express.
22. Roemer Works,
      Sharon Steel Corporation.
23. Phillips Power Station,
      Duquesne Light Company.
24. St. Joseph Lead Company,
      Josephtown, PA.
25. Steel Works of Babcock &
     Wilcox Company, Koppel, PA.
26. Crescentdale Plant, Medusa
      Portland Cement Company.
27. General Foods Corporation,
      Boardman, Ohio.
28. Lewis Foundry Division,
      Blaw-Knox Company,
      Coraopolis, PA.
29. Locomotive Speed King,
      No 999, on NYC&HR's
     Empire State Express, 1893.
30. Brier Hill Works,
      Youngstown Sheet & Tube
31. Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical
      Company, Neville Island, PA.
32. Republic Steel Corporation,
      Youngstown, Ohio.
33. Banning #4 Mine, Republic
      Steel Corporation, West
      Newton, PA.
34. Industrial Scene,
      Youngstown, Ohio.
35. Clairton Coke Works, United
      States Steel Corporation.
36. Bethlehem Steel Company,
      Rankin, PA.
37. Campbell Works, Youngstown
      Sheet & Tube Company.
38. Elwood City Branch Overhead
      Crossing, near Wampum, PA.
39. P&LE General Office and
      Terminal, Pittsburgh, PA.
40. Ohio Works, United States
      Steel Corporation,
      Youngstown, Ohio.
41. National Tube Division, United
      States Steel Corporation,
      McKeesport, PA.
42. Mather Mine, Pickands-
      Mather & Compamy,
      Mather, PA.
43. Edgar Thompson Works,
      United States Steel
      Corporation, Braddock, PA.
44. College Curve, near
      Beaver Falls, PA.
45. Colonial Steel Division,
      Vanadium-Alloys Steel
      Company, Monaca, PA.
46. Fisher Body Division, General
      Motors Corporation,
      Pittsburgh, PA.
47. "A Christmas Memory of the
      Age of Steam",1947.
48. NYC Multi-level
      Automobile Train.
49. Unit Coal Train in the
      Valley of the Beaver River.
50. Berkshire Hills Milk Run,
      on the NYC.
51. General Chemical Division of
      Allied Chemical Corporation,
      Newell, PA.
52. Interchange with Western
      Maryland Railway, Dickerson
      Run Yard, Connellsville, PA.
53. NYC Train #12 "Southwestern
      Limited, Staatsburg, NY.
54. Irvin Works, United States
      Steel Corporation.
55. 2-8-4 Berkshire Type Loco-
      motive, Dickerson Run, PA.
56. Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle. 57. Perishable Food Products
      enroute over the NYC's
      Boston & Albany Division
58. Aliquippa Works, Jones &
      Laughlin Steel Corporation.
59. NYC's "20th Century Limited"
      on Toledo Division.
60. NYC Train #16 "Ohio State
      Limited near Bear Mountain
61. NYC's "Empire State Express"
      passing Breakneck Mountain,
62. Federal Enameling & Stamping
      Company, McKees Rocks, PA.
63. Port Perry, PA. Worlds Greatest
      Concentration of Freight
    64. Pittsburgh Steel Corporation,
      Monessen, PA.


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