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The Pennsylvania Railroad which was deemed the "Standard Railroad of the World", issued wall calendars (*)as an advertising promotion. These calendars depicted scenes along the Pennsy rail system. The artwork for these calendars was produced by artists Harold M. Brett, Dean Cornwell, Alexander Leydenfrost, Frank J. Reilly and Grif Teller.

-- The calendar illustrated above was not produced by the Pennsy. It was produced in 1979 as a Tribute to Grif Teller who produced most of the Pennsy calendars. It is however, a perfect reproduction of the Pennsy calendars.

--The wall calendars were approximately 28" x 28". The top and bottom edges were protected by a permanently attached metal strip. The top strip also had 2 eyelet tabs attached for the purpose of hanging the calendar.

--Attached to the top front of the calendar was a tear sheet which contained a greeting from the Pennsy. The picture below is an example of a typical tear sheet.

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--As shown on the illustration at the top of this page, a date pad was stapled at the bottom of each calendar. Most date pads contained 12 pages featuring the current month as well as the previous and following months, some of the later years had 13 pages. The first page on the 13 month pads featured December of the previous year. Printed on the calendar under the date pad was a small 12 month calendar for the current, previous and following years. The date pad was typically located at the bottom of the page as shown in the illustration at the top of this page. The exception to this was 1946 (the Pennsy's 100th year). This calendar produced by Frank J. Reilly, featured 2 illustrations. The date pad on this year was between the illustrations approximately 1/3 of the way up from the bottom.

* The Pennsylvania Railroad also issued wallet calendars (2-1/4"x 3-3/4") and desk calendars (8" X 8") featuring the same illustrations as the wall calendars. This page will concentrate on the wall calendars. The calendar illustrations also appeared on some Public Timetables.

The following 2 pages contain thumbnail pictures of the illustrations from the Pennsy calendars. To see a larger view of any illustration, place your pointer over the thumbnail and click. To return to the thumbnails, click on your browser's BACK button.

The Coaling Station has approximately 100 Pennsy calendars for sale. The table below each thumbnail indicates some of the calendars available and states the general condition of each. I will attempt to keep the following pages up to date. However all calendars are subject to prior sale. If you are interested in a particular calendar listed or not, please write The Coaling Station for specifics.

Hope you enjoy the following pages depicting what I consider some of the finest RR illustrations.


1925 through 1944

1945 through1958

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