The RIP Track

Setting on the RIP track behind the Coaling Station Is a Former Southern Pacific Caboose. The caboose sets on it's own Short Line (about 42' of 80# rail). I'd like to share some of the history about this caboose and solicit any information you may able to share with me about it.


Builder : Southern Pacific
Built : Los Angeles, California
Date : September 1942
Type : C-40-3
Number : 1178
Construction : Steel body, Redwood interior
Trucks : Vulcan/Simplex

This is taken from a 1942 Southern Pacific drawing of their C-40-3 model caboose.

This photograph by R. W. Bierman is the earliest shot I have of 1178. It was taken on 4 Jul 64 at Mission Bay. This photo is from the collection of Arnold S. Menke


This shot taken by John Shaw on 4 Aug 80 shows 1178 in San Diego on the Tecate Local. This photo is from the collection of Arnold S. Menke

1178 is working in the San Diego area on 25 Oct 80. Clifford R. Prather photo.

It's 1 Aug 82 and Kyle Railways is putting its official "brand" on 1178. In this process (almost) all of its Southern Pacific identification was removed, if fact, enough of its markings were removed to lead some to believe that the caboose under this paint job is SP # 1061. Fortunately there remains enough evidence to porve that this really is 1178. W.C. Whittaker photo.


Photo not available (YET!!)



In April 1992, Kyle Railways relocated 1178 from it's home on the SD&AE to Benson, Arizona to operate on the San Pedro & Southwestern (SP&SW) Railroad.

The SP&SW repainted 1178 and renumbered it as SWKR #1. SWKR 1 was operated in excursion service until sometime in 1995.


In 1995 SWKR 1 was parked on a siding in Fairbank,AZ where it's only passengers were illegal aliens who used it for sleeping quarters on their journey northward. Ron Chutorich photos.

In September 1997, I purchased SWKR 1. And, in October 1997 it was located on the RIP track at the Coaling Station.




1. I have located a sister caboose, SP 1057, in Tombstone, AZ. It is being used by the Public Library for office space and book storage. The Librarian has been extremely cooperative in allowing me to photograph, measure and trace templates from the interior.

Interior Furnishings: From time to time during it's pre-Kyle years 1178 was upgraded in bits & pieces. The floor was covered with thin plywood and coated with a faux terrazo, the cook stove was removed as was the ice-area: an ice box was built under the cupola and a generator/storage battery electrical system were added. During the Kyle years, major modifications were effected. All interior furnishings were removed as were the seats in the cupola. The coal bin and stove were also removed. The floor and walls received a layer of 1/2" particle board. The floor was then painted and the walls were covered with panelling. The bathroom was enlarged and modernized.Aircraft style seats and carpet covered soffit lighting was installed.

Plans (INTERIOR): Restoration will be a combination of restoration and remodeling. The only area which I plan to truly restore is the cupola. I have already removed all structure and wall planking from the cupola area. I've installed fiberglass batt insulation in the walls and ceiling. The main structure and seats have been totally rebuilt using templates made from 1057. The under cupola storage cabinet has been completed on one side. Cabinet doors are all that's needed for the other. .....................To be continued!!!!!!!!!

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