These are a few of the RR related sites where I hang out when I'm not working on the RIP track.

Caboose Hobbies Caboose Hobbies is billed as "The Worlds Largest Train Store" and they probably are. They have an enormous selection of model RR supplies and they have a vast supply of books both new and used. While you're there click on "Other Railroad Sites". That'll put you into a months' worth of Web surfing.

Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR  The Friends is by far my favorite organization. I'm a member of the Friends and spend a week each summer working with them as a volunteer on the C&TSRR. This site has information about the Friends as well as the C&TSRR in general.

EBAY Ebay is a GIGANTIC on-line auction site. I've set the pointer to my favorite spot on Ebay;"Railroad Collectibles closing today". Once you're in the site look around. They've got hundreds of other categories. BEWARE this place is addictive.

Railfan Net This place has access to more RR related info than the average railfan can digest in a lifetime.

Upcoming Railroadiana Events If you have any money leftover after Ebay gets hold of you. This site will direct you to all of the Railroadiana shows throughout the US.

Illinois Transit Authority Running a little short of rolling stock? This is the place to buy 12"=1' 0" stuff.

North American Railcar Operators Association NARCOA if speeders interest you, these are the folks with all of the information. Equipment for sale, events and good all around data !!!

More to come

Revised 15 August 2003

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